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X: Beyond the Frontier and X-Tension were released in together as X-Gold in 2000Griffiths, AWRM/CPLS 2501: Roger L.SLook for statement of permission from either the thread of the script/mod, or from 3rd Party Permissions IndexApr 09, 16:28 Post subject: BoardcompMissions [2012-10-08] [AP]Enable Impossible Mission Difficulty by silentdeth/morbideth ; Adds missions of impossible difficulty to the gameBy GriffinVacheron2017-04-06 14:34:28 Stellaris: Utopia Review Layers of addictionShip task 40: Lucike - CAG, CLS, EST, Prospector, Security and Rescue Service Ship task 41: Lucike - CAG, CLS, EST, Prospector Ship task 42: Lucike - Travel Drive Ship task 43: Lucike - MEFOS Weapon System Ship task 44: Lucike - MEFOS Weapon System Ship task 45: Lucike - Security and Rescue Service Ship task 46--50: Lucike - CODEA Weapon System Ship task 3125/3126: ubuntufreakdragon - P2P Enhanced jump Ship/Station task 3127: ubuntufreakdragon, commissioning of new Ships Ship/Station tasks 890--900: Serial Kicked - Pirate Guild 3 Ship task 7037: Gazz - BIER Scanner Ship task 7046: Gazz - MARS Fire Control (also higher tasks like 117046, all ending on .7046) Ship task 9050--9070: Shimrod, Smart Turrets 9056: Shimrod; Replication Station task 7741: S9ilent - Station Financial ManagerLast edited by Cycrow on Tue, 281 7076: SpaceTycoon, Navigation Software ST1 7077: SpaceTycoon, Trade Software ST1 7081: Zypherg, Custom Wing Manager (intentional conflict) vukica, Custom Wing Manager Plus 7090: Gazz, Numeric Race Rank Titles 7091: silentdeth/morbideth Universe Asteroid Yields 7100: ThisIsHarsh, Explorer Command Extension 7100: Nicoman35, Explorer Command Extension v2 7101: ThisIsHarsh, NPC Bailing Addon 7102: ThisIsHarsh, Salvage commands & NPCs 7103: ThisIsHarsh, Manual Trade Extension 7104: ThisIsHarsh, Auto prep ships 7105: ThisIsHarsh, Ship killed notifications 7106: ThisIsHarsh, Invasion warnings 7107: ThisIsHarsh, Military Base Response revamp 7122: Joubarbe, X-Achievements 7171: Mysterial, All scripts/missions by Mysterial 7201: XaiCorp, general text 7206: XaiCorp, Missile Defense Hotkeys 7207: XaiCorp, Launch Fighter Drone Hotkey 7222: Joubarbe, X-GPS 7231: Nividium, Green Stations 7233: Nividium, Capture Stations 7234: Nividium, Auction Services 7236: Nividium, Warehouse 7237: Nividium, Sector Scanner 7238: Nividium, Auto Begger 7239: Nividium, Bribe A Pilot 7240: Nividium, Property Baron 7277: X420TokeAlot, Debris Repair and Utilize 7300: corbinbird, Abandoned Ship Spawner 7322: Joubarbe, X-Missions 7323: Joubarbe, X-Missions Reloaded (and X-Missions Overloaded) 7324: Joubarbe, Afterglow 7325: Joubarbe, Mayhem 7326: Joubarbe, Satellites Monitoring 7330: X2-Illuminatus, Customlog 7332: X2-Illuminatus, Autosave 7334: X2-Illuminatus, Terran Police Licence 7335: X2-Illuminatus, Release Passengers 7336: X2-Illuminatus, Add stations 7337: X2-Illuminatus, Hephaistos CorpHyperion (StarCraft), the flagship of Jim Raynor Hyperion Corporation, an organization in the Borderlands video game series Hyperion, a Gallente battleship in Eve Online Hyperion (Legend of the Galactic Heroes), the flagship of Yang Wen-li Hyperion, a ship in the series Skyland Hyperion, an airship in the novel Skybreaker Hyperion airship, an airship in the film Island at the Top of the World Hyperion-class heavy cruiser (Babylon 5) EAS Hyperion, a starship in the Hyperion class Hyperion UCS Mk.XII, a military satellite from the video game Einhnder Hyperion, Seifer's gunblade in Final Fantasy VIII Hyperion, a military spaceship in X-Universe video game series, X3 Reunion, X3 Terran Conflict & X3 Albion Prelude by Egosoft CAT X-1 Hyperion Unit 1, a Mobile Suit from the manga series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray Montgomery Hyperion and Montgomery Hyperion Rattler, are two cars from Burnout Paradise Arc Hyperion, one of the four Arc starships in Mass Effect: Andromeda


.Back to top By JamalR2017-03-29 08:55:00 Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Review A triumphant finaleBy JonathanLeack2017-04-07 12:44:18 After PaRappa & Crash Bandicoot, Sony Might Be Done Greenlighting PlayStation One Remasters What else is there? By JamesKozanitis2017-04-07 12:16:04 Credit Card And Customer Data May Have Been Compromised In GameStop Hack Investigation underwayAuthor Message Guest Aug 7 2016 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view


Back to top X: Beyond The Frontier Developer(s) Egosoft Publisher(s) THQ Distributor(s) SouthPeak Games Series X Engine X Engine Platform(s) Windows Release 1 July 1999 Genre(s) Simulation Mode(s) Single-player [2008-12-25] Square Galaxy Map by SunBlade ; altered GalaMap mesh [2009-01-26] SST's Shader Performance Mod by SSwampTrooper [2010-08-29] TSOG Missions by TEKing66 ; Terran Special (black) Operations (a Mini-Plot) [2010-07-27] X3-Unleashed by JagaTelesin ; Improves overall game performance by optimizing flights [2011-04-28] XChange Guild Portals by OPR ; Increases the size of all Gates by 225% Object availability [2008-12-23] Add Orbital Weapons Platforms to Argon Prime Shipyard by Xiriod [2008-12-23] Add Yaki EQ dock to Weaver's Tempest by Xiriod [2010-04-24] Advanced Weapon Research Mod (AWRM) By Roger L.SMechanics salvage wrecks and overtune ships [2009-11-05] Station Friendly Fire Interface Hotkey by LV [2009-08-02] Station Security Services by 7ate9tin11s ; Hire security companies to guard your stations and respond to sector incursions [2010-06-08] The Phanon Corporation by Litcube ; Adds an aggressive competing corporation [2010-04-03] Trade Plugin (PSS) by EmperorJon & MarkACondren; Planetary trade outlets, additional NPC stations, jump to station, trade via Transporter Device [2010-07-01] Yaki Armada 2 by Serial Kicked ; Makes Yaki smarter and stronger [2011-12-08] Yalamandis Corpdraycu 23hours ago That's awesome to see the KOTOR-Interdictor was added, thank you Mik! Can't wait to check out the new starts, and I'll have to record again soon! Keep up the great work! Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote (Note) X3TC 3.1 was released 2011-02-17By JonathanLeack2017-04-06 11:00:00 The Nvidia TITAN Xp Is Now The World's Most Powerful Graphics Card A $1200 market leaderPost History: 2014.08.02 Added Royal Quest (thanks thitz) 2014.08.02 Removed Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Wizardry Online (servers shutted down) 2014.08.02 Removed Imagine Earth (full game planned to be released) (thanks targetbsp) 2014.08.04 Added Guns and Robots (thanks FlareBebop) 2014.08.08 Added Amazing World (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.08.08 Added ProtoGalaxy (thanks thitz) 2014.08.08 Added Saira (thanks thitz) 2014.08.08 Added Battle Islands (thanks thitz) 2014.08.08 Added The Expendabros (thanks thitz) 2014.08.12 Added Depression Quest (thanks gokussjuk) 2014.08.13 Added Cubic Castles (thanks thitz) 2014.08.16 Removed Skullgirls: Big Band DLC (thanks thitz) 2014.08.16 Removed RIDGE RACER Driftopia (thanks Manguas) 2014.08.16 Added Divine Souls (thanks thitz) 2014.08.18 Added Blast Em! (thanks Manguas) 2014.08.18 Added Arena: Cyber Evolution (thanks Manguas) 2014.08.25 Added Dizzel (thanks thitz) 2014.08.25 Added Max Gentlemen (thanks thitz) 2014.08.25 Added Darkwind: War on Wheels (thanks thitz) 2014.08.25 Added Famaze (thanks pizzahut) 2014.08.25 Added The Great War 1918 (Company of Heroes mod) (thanks thitz) 2014.08.25 Added Dynasty Warriors 8 (Japanese Voice Option DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.08.25 Added Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - EU (The Thrill of the Surprise DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.08.25 Added Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - NA (The Thrill of the Surprise DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.08.27 Removed Blast Em! (thanks jestersdance) 2014.08.28 Added DLCs for Nobunaga's Ambition: Souzou (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.09.10 Added Anarchy Arcade (thanks FlareBebop) 2014.09.10 Added Dizzel (thanks thitz) 2014.09.10 Added Wild Warfare (thanks FlareBebop) 2014.09.10 Added Wargame: Red Dragon (Second Korean War DLC) (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.09.10 Added Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar (Bannermen Pack DLC) (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.09.10 Added FaceRig (Starbound Free Avatars DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.10 Added FaceRig (Octodad Free Avatar DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.10 Added Farming World (Jam Factory DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.10 Added Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection (Original DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.13 Removed Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - EU DLC: The Thrill of the Surprise (thanks Astrixzero) 2014.09.13 Removed Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - NA DLC: The Thrill of the Surprise (thanks Astrixzero) 2014.09.13 Added Rising Angels: Reborn (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.09.13 Modified Unturned - removed mark [3], added [PC/MAC], added [install] link 2014.09.14 Added Fable Anniversary: Modding DLC (thanks thitz) 2014.09.15 Added Left 4 Dead 2 - Uncensored DLC (thanks FlareBebop) 2014.09.15 Added Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution - aruto/Sasuke/Itachi Costume Pack (thanks thitz) 2014.09.15 Added Color Symphony (thanks thitz) 2014.09.16 Removed Rusty Hearts, servers shutted down 2014.09.19 Added My Lands: Black Gem Hunting (thanks thitz) 2014.09.19 Added Quake Live (thanks thitz) 2014.09.20 Added Wakfu (thanks thitz) 2014.09.20 Added Loadout Campaign (thanks thitz) 2014.09.20 Added Zombies Monsters Robots (thanks thitz) 2014.09.20 Added Zombies Monsters Robots DLC: Free Quick-Start Pack (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added FortressCraft Evolved (Multiplayer DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Free to Play (Soundtrack DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Half-Life (Soundtrack DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Half-Life 2 (Soundtrack DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Half-Life 2: Episode One (Soundtrack DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Half-Life 2: Episode Two (Soundtrack DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Portal (Soundtrack DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added Portal 2 (Soundtrack DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.09.25 Added RS/RO2 Alpha Community Maps (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.09.25 Added RS/RO2 Beta Community Maps (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.10.18 Added Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (HD Content DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.10.18 Added Killing Floor (Toy Master MOD) (thanks thitz) 2014.10.18 Added Pox Nora (thanks thitz) 2014.10.18 Added Sigils of Elohim (thanks SHOCKTHENATION) 2014.10.18 Added Dragon's Prophet (EU version - Free Starter Pack) (thanks thitz) 2014.10.18 Added Hazard Ops (Zombies Monsters Robots EU version - Free Starter Pack) (thanks thitz) 2014.10.18 Added Hazard Ops (Zombies Monsters Robots EU version) (thanks thitz) 2014.10.18 Added Uncharted Waters Online: 2nd Age (thanks thitz) 2014.10.18 Added Shan Gui (OST DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.10.22 Added Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Power of Shadow DLC) (thanks thitz) 2014.10.22 Added F.E.A.R


2016 (18) December (1) November (1) September (2) June (5) May (7) February (1) January (1) At least that's our goal."[9]Business[edit] 2013 (606) November (13) October (11) September (11) August (18) July (28) June (38) May (31) April (38) March (40) February (98) January (280) As general rule Scripts, Mods, and MD do add the ***Modified*** tagBy JonathanLeack2017-04-06 17:00:00 Totalbiscuit: I Don't Expect G2A To Change Gearbox gives an ultimatumarmed to the teeth with plasma throwers.";[8] free to choose "where [they] want to go, what to trade in and who to pick on".[7] Egosoft's Managing Director, Bernd Lehahn, described X-Tension as "[a] space game that allows you to live freely in a virtual universe and do whatever you want to dodellengwyn Sep 9 2016 SUPER NEWBIE MICRO-GUIDE I first posted as "Guest" on Sep 6, asking a bunch of questions

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